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Global Exposure

There are many ways Edflight helps schools, colleges and other educational institutions to help spread their wings on global scale. We truly help in internalization of institutions in many way. We bring transformation through globalization and internationalization. Our strong connections and networking links help those who lack in this area.

Education Tour

(Best suited for schools and colleges and their students who aspiring to study abroad)

  • Arrange education trips to USA, Canada , Europe and Singapore and Australia for your institution

  • A great way to take student and have them the campus abroad where they wish to study in future

  • Interact with university officials and learn about the potential courses and explore the possibility of admission

  • Interaction with scientist in the field, face to face interaction 

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Global Faculty Meetup

(Best suited for teachers for their professional development)

  • Chance to meet the faculty of other international school/college in USA, Canada and Europe

  • Opportunity of Exchange of ideas with Foreign faculties

  • Develop professional relationships and Future Links

International collaborations

(Best suited for Schools and colleges aspiring to become leader in education)

  • Work together with other leaders in the field on variety of topics

  • Student exchange program

  • Collaborate in research for different projects

  • Open potential gateway for your student 

  • Increase public prominence of your institution

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