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(UG, MS, MBA, PhD)

EdFlight guides students who aspire to study abroad in undergraduates (UG), Post Graduates (PG), MBA and PhD applicants and walk them through complex and stressful process of abroad admission applications. We build up strong student profile, compelling narrative for admission application essays and develop winning applications. We have the following services

Credential Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of your academic achievements.

Increase probability of success. Edflight helps its student to build a powerful credential needed for admission in top tier universities

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Best Fit University.png

Best Fit University

Based upon your academic achievement, future goals and financial condition, we recommend the best fit universities to make sure you get into a school which you always dreamed of

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Statement of Purpose (SoP) is the most important document for the student seeking admission abroad. Our powerful narratives on your SOP increase chances of admission many fold. 


Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Edflight provides guidelines to you recommenders to write impressive LoRs. We help your recommenders extract best out of you and present your best facet in front of the admission committee.

Transcript Help

Where some universities have strict guidelines/formats for transcripts other might require your transcript evaluated by a third party. An absence of proper transcript might impact your admission application negatively  

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Financial Help.png

Financial Advice

Your study abroad dream some times die with he absence of funds to support it. Edflight always guides all its studets about how to arrange finances for their admission, helps in obtaining I-20 and helps in securing student loan 

Application Assistance

Application process not only could be lengthy, but stressful also in many cases. Edflight helps student in each step of their application. We even talk to university on student's behalf.

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VISA Guidance.png

VISA Guidance

Edflight helps its students in attaining the student visa. We guide our student through out the process. We pre-brief our students about the process.

Travel Assistance

Being an Edflightian guarantees you that you don't face any problem in arranging your travel to a foreign land. We take care of all travel arrangement of our students.

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Foreign Exchance.png

Foreign Exchange

Edflightian always get the best exchange rate when they convert their rupee to any other currency. We also help our students to open up GIS account in Canada.

Group Travel

Traveling along to a foreign land can be very daunting. But Edflightians don't have to be scared about traveling alone. We arrange group travel for our student.

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Pre Departure.png

Pre Departure Briefing

Pre Departure Briefing explains everything you need to know to travel abroad. You would know about immigration process, what documents to carry, how much money is needed and other Dos and Don'ts

USA,Canada Welcome

When you land in a foreign land, our representative will be ready for you to pick you up at the airport and help you settle down on your a foreign soil.

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