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 "Success Mantra" 

 (For Colleges/Institutes)

1. Diagnosis
5. Grow
2. Plan
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Edflight provides a complete and comprehensive academic, technology and administrative advisory to higher institutes based on the philosophy of "Success mantra" and powered by following services

4. Market
3. Invest

Our Services/Area of Operation



We help our clients to envision the future by strategic planning and help them achieve their goals in timely manner


An institute must know itself and its competitors ~ George Dehne


Based on the above philosophy we help our clients run customized campaigns uniquely tailored for them.We help them build a brand and emerge as leader in the education



A good product might fail because of lack of marketing


We here at edflight are specialized in various marketing strategies including online/offline, social media and print media marketing


It is well known fact:


"the only idea which gets famous, is the one that spreads.”


And this is also true for any product. Marketing of an idea makes it spread faster, farther and to larger number of people. We understand that in fast changing world, the conventional obsolete marketing strategies are no longer effective. Gone are the times for admission table booths. We deliver new innovative, research based novel marketing plans with limited expenditure to our clients to attract more, faster and better students.


We help our clients at each phase of their infrastructure development. Together we envision state of the art smart campus equipped with latest technology and help them achieve in cost effective manner


Infrastructure is a vital part of any institute’s success. A poor infrastructure poses serious threat to progress. We at EdFlight, help our clients to develop new world class infrastructure for their institute which they can be proud of and students can flaunt off. It includes, smart classrooms, high tech hostels, green campus, environment friendly campus, intelligent doors, waste management plans, lab up gradation, cutting edge equipment etc. and much more. We also implement new technologies in education sector for attendance.  

Student Career Counselling

There is not better branding campaign than successful student

We at Edflight understand the value of successful student in brand building. Our career expert offer various career services at various level to student 

Students who are satisfied, happy and well placed in their careers paths helps distinguish an educational institute among other competitors. It is therefore of prime importance to help shape student’s future. These students serve messengers of institute wherever they go after passing out. They add value in branding. Therefor we pay special attention to student’s future. Through career counseling and by providing necessary skills they need, we help them choose the path best suited for them. 

Student Counselling.png

Research Initiative

We help our clients with setting up research labs, decide research focus and get them a head start in research 


In the global competitive world, where research and innovations define the magnitude to success in institute of high esteem. We at EdFlight, have all our counselors with rich hands on research experience. Many of us have worked in the leading universities of the world. The experience we have gathered throughout our careers is now brought on to one platform in the form of EdFlight. We help our clients identify the new emerging technologies in the world in the field of engineering, science, medical and management and help them start research at their very own campus.

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