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Personalized Counseling

EdFlight has helped students achieve beyond their imagination with its guided and unbiased personal counseling approach. Our Expert Counsellors help students gain clarity on Courses, Careers, Colleges, Universities, Entrance Tests and Scholarships and guide them on exam preparation and stress management. With our multinational experience, our counsellors strive to establish a deep rapport with every student.

Who is right Candidate ?

Ideally we work with students of all classes. However we highly recommend that you plan out your goal quite early on. We prefer to guide student 2-3 years in advance that would give us plenty of time to build up your resume and guarantee your success in future endeavor. For example if you plan to go for SAT (undergraduate course) we prefer to start counseling as early as grade 8. 

How we achieve ?

We recommend you necessary skills needed to build up your resume strong from early on. We help you to go beyond school learning by collaborative work Quarterly assessment of your resume focusing on weak points Help you find out what subject you would like the most through our psychometric analysis test By finding the right coaching institute for you 

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