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10 Largest universities in USA

Updated: May 22, 2019

Many student find it very hard to shortlist the universities when it comes to applying for higher studies in USA especially those who has scored low on GRE and TOEFL. Although there are many criterions which #Edflight strategically applies for those students when we recommend best fit universities for them. Yet one of the point to consider is definitely the number of student enrolled in that university. If you need help in shortlisting universities for MS, MBA and PhD you can contact Edflight and seek our expert’s advice. According to 2017-18 academic year, following 10 universities are the largest universities in US in terms of student enrollment.

Edflight offers various services to students to help facilitate their abroad admission dream. We have proven track record. If you want a guaranteed success call #edflight and seek expert's advice, you can contact Edflight’s Experts by clicking here and schedule a FREE consultation call.

Call: +91 9781530660




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