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15 Unique Extracurricular Activities to Secure Your Admission in Top University in USA

Often times students ask this question, how can I set myself aside form rest of the applicants when applying to Ivy League universities or other top universities in USA. Although you have very strong credentials you might not get admission in top schools. The difference between a winning application and an unsuccessful application could be many. Strong assay, leadership skills and extracurricular activities makes a huge difference. I have compiled few points here which can be your extracurricular activities and which will set your application apart form the crowd.

  1. Olympiads are great platform to prove yourself. Compete in different olympiads. Show colleges that you are one of the most talented students by scoring high in the local or worldwide competitions.

  2. Start your own website or online business. Run your own Kickstarter for a project you are passionate about.

  3. Start a club at your school. It doesn’t have to be necessarily directly related to your main field of study. It could be one of your other interests. The main point here is to demonstrate your strong leadership and social skills.

  4. Volunteer for an interesting organization. Again, it doesn’t have to be necessarily directly related to your main field of study. This could be just your personal interest in giving back to the society and shows your maturity.

  5. Develop your own iPhone or android app and put it in the app store. This could be more relevant to the applicants interested in studying Business, Management or Computer science.

  6. Be a world-class musician or artist. Perform at Carnegie Hall, put your music on Spotify and Soundcloud. If you are an artist, illustrator, fashion designer or photographer, put your art works to Behance, Dribble or Pinterest. Make a short film and put it on Vimeo and YouTube. That way you can get an attention and followers from all over the world.

  7. Compete in your school’s science fair, large competition and fairs organized by corporations or nonprofits like Intel Science Talent search, for example.

  8. Start your own nonprofit.

  9. Be a part of Red-cross and do volunteer work there.

  10. Teach a course on Udemy or at your local high school.

  11. Educate poor kids for free ( kids on street)

  12. Be a star athlete.

  13. Publish your own book. It could be paper or digital ebook which is very simple to create.

  14. Make a science project, a robot. It doesnt have to be very fancy, but the one with basic functions.

  15. Complete an internship at a local business. For example, if you are a great engineer, try to get a software development internship at a local company.

These are just some of the examples of the extracurriculars. If none of the above activities are for you, you can always create your own extracurricular activity. Almost any hobby can be turned into an extracurricular activity. And if it’s unique enough to not be on this list, you can be sure that it will be something new for the college admissions committee, as well!

What matters most is that it’s an outlet for your passion, creativity, and leadership.

So instead of thinking you don’t do anything interesting, take the opportunity to find a new passion, or to turn something you already love into an activity you can share with the world!

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