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Canada: Study Visa Vs Study Permit

Any student who intends to study in Canada, he/she would require a Canadian Study Permit. A study permit is an official document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows a foreign national to study in Canada for a limited time.

A Canada student visa, on the other hand, is a temporary resident visa which enables you to reside in the country for a period exceeding 6 months and study. If the course you are entitled to is within a span of 6 months, a student visa is enough; you may not require a study permit, which is in fact a longer procedure. Getting Canada student visas are relatively easy.

To acquire the study permit the important documents and proof of funds (mentioned below) is of utmost importance. Moreover, the student must possess a clean record; no criminal charges from any country must be issued against him/her. The student must also have a proper health record with no serious diseases that could prove to be fatal. Post all the documents being presented, the student needs to apply for the study permit either by online application or in paper format. The time taken for issuing a study permit may vary, taking longer especially in the summer months as more and more students apply in those months.

In order to renew the study permit, if the student decides to change the course from Electronics engineering to Computer science or from one institution to the other, they do not have to apply for a new student permit. Instead, students are required to update the IRCC upon changing institutions or courses. It must be noted that a study permit expires 90 days after graduation. Thus it is extremely important that international graduates update the IRCC of their current status within 90 days of graduation.

Canada student permit/visa documents requirements :-

§ Valid Passport: A Valid Passport is essential to apply for a Study Permit. According to the Canadian High Commission, it is important that you have a passport whose validity covers the intended period of stay in Canada. For example, if you are planning for a session in Canada during October 2020 for a three-year course, your passport should be valid until at least October 2023.

§ Letter of Acceptance from a designated institution: An acceptance letter from the intuition or university you are planning to study at, is required. The letter must be from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Colleges under DLI host international students under the authorization of the Canadian government.

§ Proof of funds: For obtaining a Canadian study permit, you must present a validation of the funds you possess. It is essential to prove that you would have enough funds to pay for the tuition fees as well as take care of living expenses. The Canadian Immigration deems a student would require at least Canadian $10,000 per year of stay. These funds are deposited in terms of GIS ( Guaranteed Direct Investment). Other than this, the student must also have enough funds in his/her account for return airfare to his/her country of origin.

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