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Duolingo English Test: Format, Cost, Duration and Acceptance.

DET : Duolingo English Test, is a test which tests the English language proficiency of the test taker. There are many universities around the world which have started accepting the Duolingo test recently. With the Covid 19 pandemic effect due to which TOEFL and IELTS tests have been suspended, universities around the world have been looking for alternate tests formats which are flexible enough for students. Hence Duolingo test has now started to gain significant importance because of its flexibility.

At the time of writing this article there are 932 universities around the world which are accepting the Duolingo test at undergraduate level and there are 382 universities which are accepting this test at graduate level. This number is increasing rapidly and Duolingo test getting popular every day. Columbia university, Yale University, Duke University are among the big American universities which are accepting the DET. In Canada, Algoma university, McMaster University and Queens Universities are among popular colleges/universities which have started accepting Doulingo test.

This test is designed to check one’s ability to speak, listen, write and read English as similar to other standard tests like TOEFL and IELTS, however the biggest difference is that for DET, you do not have to go to any test center. Students can take the exam from their homes. All they need is a computer and internet connection.

Test Format:

DET have four sections- Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing and takes about 45-mins to complete. Students can retake the Duolingo test twice a month. It uses both human raters and automated scoring methods for evaluating a student’s performance.

Exam fee:

The registration fee is $49 (or INR 3700/- ). More details on fee and dates are found here.

Score pattern:

Each test taker's proficiency is reported as a holistic score on a scale from 10 – 160.


· Can understand very basic English words and phrases.

· Can understand straightforward information and express themselves in familiar contexts.


· Can understand the main points of concrete speech or writing on routine matters such as work and school.

· Can describe experiences, ambitions, opinions, and plans, although with some awkwardness or hesitation.


· Can fulfill most communication goals, even on unfamiliar topics.

· Can understand the main ideas of both concrete and abstract writing.

· Can interact with proficient speakers fairly easily.


· Can understand a variety of demanding written and spoken language including some specialized language use situations.

· Can grasp implicit, figurative, pragmatic, and idiomatic language.

· Can use language flexibly and effectively for most social, academic, and professional purposes.

A test score in the range of 90-115 would be equivalent to IELTS 6.5 band overall


The results are posted on the DET website after 2 day after the test. The scores are even personally mailed to the candidates.


The IELTS scores are valid for 2 years from the year of examination.

What is required for the test?

Students must bring two things to the test center:

  1. Computer (with video camera, mic and head phone) and internet connection

  2. Valid, acceptable identification (ID) document(s):

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