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Financial Aid for Students (USA, Canada)

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

University education in USA can be insanely expensive. It not only the tuition fee which dries up you bank balance but there are other costs also that can contribute significantly into the overall expenses namely living expense, lodging expense and health cost etc. There are some other miscellaneous costs which adds up to final figure. These costs can be quite demoralizing for an average middle class student especially for working class parents. Education loans are great but ever increasing interest rates are again demoralizing. In such case, any financial aid can be very helpful and can ease out your life as well as your parents life.

Fortunately, one of the advantage to study in USA is that there are various types of financial aids available for deserving students. It means, students can earn money while they continue their studies. These opportunities can lead to substantial reductions in one’s total expenditure. There are various types of #financial aids available which we have mentioned below for students to choose from and fight for.

1. Graduate Teaching Assistantship: is an arrangement between student (generally international) and department (in which student is enrolled) in which a financial support is provided to student by his/her department. In return, student is supposed to help department/ professor in teaching of course. Student can only do this as part time which means maximum of 20 hrs a week. Majority of #students who get GTA, get tuition fee waiver also. So this is a great opportunity to explore.

2. Graduate Research Assistantship: is an arrangement between student and a professor (under which student is enrolled for thesis) in which a financial support is provided to student by his/her thesis advisor’s grant. Student is supposed to work 20 hrs a week on a research topic given by the professor. RAs are also awarded partial or full tuition fee waiver.

3. On Campus Jobs or Assistantship: is an arrangement between student (generally international) and university in which a financial support is provided to student by university. In such arrangement, student is supposed to work part time ( 20 hrs) a week. Often times these financial assistantships partially or fully covers the tuition fee as well.

4. Internships: fall in a slightly different category. In order to be eligible for an internship, a student should at least spend 2 semester in university. After that, students become eligible to apply for complimentary Practical Training (#CPT) through university which allows a student to work full time in industry as an intern for a semester or two. Internships are a great way to fund your study. During internship, students work full time therefore the amount of money they earn is quite handsome.

These placements are only available to meritorious students who display an aptitude for their respective discipline. An GRA or a TA reward can lead to a substantial reduction in student fees, and in some cases, might be entirely waived off. Students who are hoping for a TA or an RA position should approach their respective departments and complete the required formalities. It is a strict process and many of the students, who hope to make the grade, may not be able to do so, as the positions are few in comparison to the demand. We at #Edflight have helped many students to get such financial aids. Our experts can guide students in right direction at right time. If you need any advice shoot us an email at following address. We wish you all the best.

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About Edflight: Edflight offers consulting services to international students who wants to study in USA, Canada and Australia at various levels. If you want to have a rewarding career and want to explore your options, contact Edflight and take ours Expert's advice by clicking here. Good Luck !!

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