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How to choose the best study abroad counsellor ?

Updated: Jul 7, 2019


There is no doubt that career counsellors make the decision making easier for students. They help students make right decision at right time. Well informed decisions taken at right time can save plenty of time, energy and money for students. Hence the role of a career counsellor is of prime importance especially in case of abroad study.

In a country like India, everywhere you go you will find career counselors. There has been a flood of counsellors since last few years. But finding a right counselor who can understand your career goals and walk you through the herculean process of your career endeavor is almost close to impossible. Many of students often fall into wrong hands and then they regret after few years.

Career decision is very important decision in anyone’s life. You will be working hard very very hard for next few years to achieve that goal and you whole future life will depend on it. Therefore its better to do some homework now in finding the right counselor for you than regretting for your entire life. This article sheds some life and discusses some of the crucial points which students should consider before choosing a career counselor

Following are the things you should always look for in a counsellor before taking his/her advice

1. Qualification Matters:

The first thing all students should check is the educational qualification of your career counsellor. There is a vast difference between a counsellor who is a simple BA or BCom versus someone who has advanced engineering or Science degree like PhD. Sadly, majority of career counsellors in India have only basic degree and have very shallow knowledge about education. They don’t have any in depth knowledge about education. Only reason they are successful is that they sometimes can speak fluent English. But remember that being able to speak fluent English is one thing and having and advanced educational qualification is completely other. So always choose a counsellor who is well qualified.

2. Educational background:

The second major thing is educational background. It has been seen that a counselor form Arts stream are advising a science graduates (B Tech) for abroad admission. I bet such counselors know no more than mere a word “Artificial Intelligence” when they talk about it to attract students. But sadly they would often be seen advising engineering student on such topics. Such counsellors can do only harm to you rather than doing any good. Stay away from such ill-informed advisors. Remember always check educational of your advisor.

3. International exposure:

Thirdly, the international exposure of an agent is a major deciding factor. Many of counselors have never studied abroad, never lived abroad or even in many cases have never even travelled abroad. Yet they can be seen advising student about studying abroad options. How ridiculous is that. They don’t know which country is friendly to international student and which is not, they have no idea which state have harsh weather than other states, they can’t even compare the relative inflation in any of the geographically area. All these factors are very important in deciding your next study destination because this is what going to define the cost of your study. So mark my words, always look for an advisor who have significant global exposure.

4. Accessibility:

Some of the agencies in India have counselors which are really educated but students never get a chance to talk to them. They are there just to attract the student. In reality, students end up talking to their again poorly educated assistants. Stay away for any such agency. They can do only bad rather than any good to your career. Always make sure that you talk to a counselor and not to their assistants. A counselor must be accessible to you.

5. Unbiased Counselors:

Some of the counsellors are biased for certain country, particular college/university and/or for some particular courses. If you get in touch with them, they would only say good things about their favorite courses/countries and would say bad things about everything else. They have not respect for your dreams and your goals and what you care for. In reality these counsellors are biased towards some courses. If you ever come across such counsellor, it’s a big NO. After all it’s a question of your carrier and your life. Pick a counselor who is unbiased.

Always remember: the choices you will make today will have effects in your entire life. Make a good choice, choose a good counselor. Best of Luck !!

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