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Make your school/college safe in 2018

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Student safety has always been a concern of all India parents. They want their young ones to be safe all the time.

Many times we have read the news in the papers that due to negligence of school bus driver students lost their lives. This is the situation all over India whether its a capitol New Delhi of a village in Himachal or any other state. Until now, we didnt have any solution of this problem. but now the Edflight,s child safety initiative brings a ray of hope. We talked about this with Dr. Bhanu how Edflight can help in this area and he explained:

We have a complete child safety infrastructure development capability. Under this plan, we install GPS tracker in the schools buses which can be monitored through any mobile or desktop device. Parents can monitor it or the school authorities can monitor it. Authorities know exactly what is the speed of the bus, is driver over speeding or not. In case of over speeding, it automatically notify school authorities so that they can take timely action against the driver well before any miss happening.

After talking to Edflight I also came to know that they are planning to launch an automated school attendance system earlier next year. For more information about edflight please visit

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