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Planning and Timeline for MBA/MS/PhD admission in USA

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

About 100,000 students each year go for MS and PhD in USA alone from India. All of these students have ambition to have better job, better live style and have much more rewarding career than they would have in their home country. Going abroad for further studies requires a host of meticulous preparations and one of the most significant parts is the application process. Students must keep in mind that the application process is multidimensional and has several aspects that must be considered for smooth and hassle-free admission aspects of application process.

International students often underestimate the amount of time required to apply for admission to a university abroad. Beginning the application process at the earliest is the best strategy. You need sufficient time to conduct a thorough and detailed research about the institution and the course that you wish to study. Starting well in advance ensures you meet the application deadlines of the chosen universities.

Admission requirements include personal statements and letters of recommendation from teachers or supervisors who know you well. University website and other academic sites provide access to the application forms; it takes time to research different options. You also need to set aside time to contact your professors for recommendations, arrange for transcripts, and sign up for the required entrance exams in order to meet application deadlines.

Setting an application timeline and strictly adhering to it will help you to meet application deadlines with ease. The plan should start 18 months before your application deadline.

12-18 Months before application deadline:

  • Research various colleges and universities programs and talk to your career counselor

  • Register and start preparing for required entrance exams.

10 Months before application deadline

  • With the help of your career counsellor, shortlist the universities you wish to apply to

  • Obtain all necessary information and forms for each school

  • Take required entrance exams

8 Months before application deadline

  • Identify your recommenders and communicate your requirements to them

  • Start writing your personal statement

  • Start applying different colleges

6 Months before application deadline

  • Retake entrance exams if scores were unsatisfactory

  • Streamline financial documents

  • Update recent score (if improved)

After Admission Offer

  • Apply for VISA

  • Research about the health insurance options

  • Make travel arrangements for when you arrive

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