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Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) for UG Courses in USA

The following statement of purpose was submitted to various top universities in USA for bachelors course (undergraduate) in mechanical engineering. Facts and figures may have been changed. Edflight Education Solutions urges applicants to use this only as a point of reference and not to copy the instances.

Statement of Purpose

As a young boy, I would often dismantle my small toy cars and re-model them. The activity never lost its zest and as I grew up, I knew that I wished to become an engineer and work towards my dream of designing cars for the best brands in the world. With excellence raking my motivations, I decided to go for the premier institutes in India – the IIT’s and started with putting in extra hours as early as 9th grade. After clearing my 10th form CBSE board with 97% marks, I took the admission in the non-medical stream comprising Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and enrolled myself for coaching in a premier institute to prepare for the IIT’s. I was confident about my choice and knew that it was the best possible way forward…till destiny took me to #USA.

Vacationing at my aunt’s Place in Virginia, USA, I became friends with my cousin’s friends and neighbor. Discussing about cars and the very joy of building the dream machines helped me form a steady rapport with the neighbor and I would spend hours together with him, sharing my own understanding and mostly reveling in his information. I was surprised by his level of exposure, the easy way in which he was able to implement the learning and the extensively evolved reasoning skill-sets as displayed by him. Further discussing the career dreams, I first time in my life appreciated the importance of information and exposure. Learning about their education system, the widely elaborative detailing given to the practical aspects of education as well as the thorough inclination towards holistic growth kept me spellbound. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know and the more I was decided that for my dreams, being limited was not an option. The fact that India, though technically advancing with great alacrity, was still very much in its nascent state when it came to the Automobile Engineering Sector. I also became extremely aware of the fact that to reach the desired position of a Design Engineer in one of the leading car manufacturing brands, I have to have the right network and the necessary global exposure. Such was the awakening that before I landed back on Indian soil, I was sure that I would pursue my graduation from a Global University.

Different goals require different paths and I decided to change my school and enroll myself to a school that followed the CIE curriculum and was affiliated by the same. I believed that the two years would further prepare me to adapt to the teaching pedagogy and attune myself for the challenges ahead. Though the decision eventually ended up in me repeating 18 months of schooling, I knew that the effort of the day would eventually pay up in future. Working hard, I kept my focus on my goals and quickly adapted to the changes. Evolving my analytical skills, I stretched myself beyond the curriculum and participated in Science Fairs and exhibitions. A natural leader, I was charged with the responsibility of coordinating and organizing various events and I delivered exceptional results, all the while learning from the varied situations. Rest of my success is visible in my obvious academic success.

Another thing that I had learnt from my friend in US was that academic excellence was not the key and I felt the true meaning of all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Pursuing my sports dream with renewed vigor, I again started to focus on the activities that I had excelled in my previous schools as well. An excellent basketball player, I used to captain my house teams and had given up the sport in pursuit of my IIT dream. Wanting to continue the same, I went back to it with a vengeance. My positive attitude, leadership skills as well as my past experience of managing teams soon got me the post of School Sport’s Captain for the year 2014-15. Continuing with my foray into excellence in sports I secured 3rd rank in district level chess. A member school’s football team (2011-2012) as well as basketball team (2012-2013) I played many state and national level tournaments. Bringing fun to my life I participated in dance competitions and won 3rd prize in Quest’15. Moving out to the community, I felt the joy of giving and sharing. The experiences further enhanced my skills and I kept feeling the power of information awaken my mind.

Moving on from here, I believe I have set my groundwork in place. While motivations are the fuel that drives the car of my career aspirations, the engine is still missing and that is what your university would provide me with. Seeking a course in Mechanical Engineering combined with Masters in Automobile Engineering in future, I dream of graduating from your university to join an Automobile Major. Powered by the technical expertise gained at your university, I would be able to steadily move towards designing my own dreams.

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