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Study Data Science in USA

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Top Trending courses that will get you HIGH-PAYING jobs!

Data science is specialization within of CS which deals with managing big data. It is one of the hottest course in USA. As the data usage and creating is increasing day by day, so as the demand for the data scientist. An average salary of a data scientist in USA is $115,000/annum ( equivalent to Rs 80 Lacks). Data scientists work in fast-growing industries like Online Retail, Telecom, Hospitality, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Transportation, Entertainment, Consulting, Healthcare…to name a few.

There are many universities in USA which offers courses in data science. few of those universities are listed below:

1. UMass Boston

Fundamentals/Certificate/MS in Business AnalyticsMS Data Science

2. City College of New York

MS Data Science & Engineering

3. The University of Utah

Graduate Certificate in Big DataMS Information SystemsMS/ PhD programs in School of Computing with focus on Data Science

4. New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

MS in Data Science A considerable number of learning opportunities in New Jersey & New York

5. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

MS Data ScienceGraduate Certificate Business Analytics

6. Northeastern University, Boston

MS in Data Science

7. University of Illinois at Chicago

MS in Business AnalyticsInternships, Co-Ops

8. West Virginia State University

MS Data Science

9. Colorado State University

Various programs in Data Science & Machine Learning

10. George Mason University, Virginia

MS in Data Analytics EngineeringThe 20 Best Schools to Study Big Data Analytics

11. SUNY New Paltz

UG program in Business AnalyticsIn the top 5% worldwide among all higher education business programs

12. University of Colorado

MS Minor in Data Science AnalyticsMS in Business Analytics

13. University of Cincinnati

Graduate Certificate Data AnalyticsMS in Business Analytics

14. Louisiana State University

MS Data ScienceMS Business Analytics

15. University of Kansas

Graduate Certificate/MS in Data Science

16. University of Central Florida

MS Data Analytics (Big Data)

17. James Madison University

MS Information Security (Designed for working professionals)UG Business Analytics Programs

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