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Top Reasons To Study In USA !!

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

It is a one of the most frequently asked questions by students: why should I study in America? Isn’t America more expensive?

I would try to answer this question in this article. Many students have many misconceptions about USA education system. Following are the top reason that America should be first choice of study destination if you are going for higher studies.

Top Ranked Universities: Once you start planning to go for higher studies, the first thing that comes in mind is the ranking of university. After all we are going to spend next two, three or four years of our life in the university and later once we graduate, our whole career will depend upon the university we choose. I think most serious student would think this way. So If you are also thinking the same way, then America would automatically be you first choice.

With universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Yale, Columbia there is no other place on earth where you have so many top ranked universities.

All these universities are in to 10 world ranking. Always remember, the legacy of university will always proceed you no matter where you go in your future life. So better you choose a big name.

Availability of Scholarships and Assistantships: Having top universities in a country also means a lot to funding and money. How is this going to help you? Well! You as a student will be the ultimate beneficiary for scholarships. There are many ways American universities are helping in funding and assistantship. You can read more on that in this article here.

No Language Barrier: One of the major difficulty students face in Europe is that in Eurpoe majority of people speak their own langue there. For example people in France would French, people in Germany would speak German and people in Italy will speak Italian and so on where as you can not speak any of these. So I guess you are left with only four English speaking countries: USA, Canada, England, Australia.

Work Authorization: After students finish their studies they want now a stable job. In many European countries, students have to return back to their home country immediately after completion of study. Whereas this is not the case in USA. In USA, student gets OPT immediately after completion of course which would allow student to work in United States for 29 month ( with STEM OPT). During this time frame, students apply for work visa while staying in USA. Majority of student get H1B visa. The whole point to explain this is that America has a set process/path that leads to employment later on once you complete your studies. You can learn more on how can international student stay in USA legally after studies here?

Abundance of Opportunities: All software engineers have a dream to work for companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn. What is common in all of these companies. They all are American companies. As an engineer in any field like biotechnology, ECE, Photonics, Pharma you will have a chance to work for the top companies in the world. Which would not get in any other country.

Most Global Country: Strength of America lies in its diversity. America was built on immigrants. Here you can find people from all countries, races and ethnicity. No matter you are Indian, Chinese, or Russian, you will find you people here. In addition US is very safe country. The safest country in the world. Majority of population lives in cities.

Research: Have you ever googled that which country have the highest noble prizes. Yes it’s the great America. The quality of research is really top notch here with cutting edge facilities. That makes USA the best country for PhD and research students as well. In addition, you can also judge the quality of research from the fact that highest number of patents were awarded to American researchers in last 20 years.

Hefty PayScale: Already the American employees enjoys a large paychecks from their employers. An average engineer with MS degree in USA would earn 80,000 -90,000 USD. Which is about 55 -63 Lacks. That kind of pay check is very hard to see in Australia or any other country.

American is a land of opportunities. Maximum number of start-up are being opened up in USA much more than anywhere else in the world. Many immigrants have earned name and fame in this country. Had this country not been friendly to immigrants they would not have earned fame there.

Note: This article is written by my and reflect the opinion only. We at #Edflight help students in international admissions.

About Edflight: Edflight offers consulting services to international students who wants to study in USA, Canada and Australia at various levels. If you want to have a rewarding career abroad, contact Edflight and take ours Expert's advice by clicking here. Good Luck !!

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