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According to an eye ball study, and average recruiter looks at your resume for only 7.2 sec. If your resume doesnt catches its attention in those first 7.2 seconds, you loose.

In addition to that your resume also has to pass through ATS in order to get to a recruiter. Hence a resume has to be ATS compliant.

Whether you apply for a job, or for an admission in USA, there is now excuse for a lousy resume.


From the experience of reviewing 2600+ resumes, I know 90% of students dont have eye catching resume that will promt the reader to read beyond 7.2 seconds. No wonder, 90% of students get infinite rejections.


In the resume review, I will provide you an ATS compliant template and will help you populate it with the propts that best reflects your achievement.


Note: This is totally an off-line review. if you want an online, live feedback on your resume, please join in my "resume drafting" course. Currently the course is not scheduled, please send you expression of interest by dropping an email at and I will notify you the next time I will teach that course.

Resume Review

  • ATS Friendly

    1200+ satsfied customer

  • Service fee is non-refundable. If you have any question regarding this service, feel free to contact me at

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