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Profile review & university shortlisting

A poor decision in shortlisting universities can cost you what you actually deserve.

University shortlisting is not a process of randomly picking 10-15 universities from any ranking website to apply for admission, rather it's a step, very crucial for the success of your application and later your professional career and life. Here is how a poor decision vs an informed decision in shortlisting universities can impact your application and eventually you and your career:

1. A right decision outcome on shortlisting universities be like :10 admits, 2 with funding ( total applications = 10), whereas a poor decision can have an outcome like 1 admit, 9 rejections or similar ( total applications = 10)

2. With the poor decision, you may end up applying 25, 30 universities and still have no confidence whether you will get into a good university or not, that will cost you more money during the application process Vs if you know what universities are best fit for your profile, you will be more confident that you will definitely get into few of the universities that you have applied to. 

3. With the poor decision on shortlisting universities, a deserving candidate with an illustrious academic record can end up in very low ranked, 3rd tier university.

4. A poor decision can also lead you to a university that has high overall cost, and low ROI (return on investment ).

That being said, clearly, shortlisting universities is a crucial step in the application process. Let us guide you on shortlisting universities based on your profile and help you find what you actually deserve and save you some effort, energy, time and money. 

The Process

  • Make a payment

  • After the successful payment, send us and email containing the transection details at with subject of email as "University Shortlisting _ Full Name"

  • Edflight will confirm the transection within 24 hrs and send you a questionnaire asking some basic information like location preference, program preference, TOEFL score, other test scores etc.

  • Using this information along with our vast experience from previous clients, premium USNews data and Edflight's own database, we will recommend you mix of ambitious, moderate and safe universities for you. 

The Price

  • The default price listed here is for shortlisting 15 universities.

  • Any additional shortlisting will be for an additional charge of INR 4000/- (or equivalent local currency) for next 10 universities. Let us know if you want us to shortlist more.


Special Note: We do not have tie-ups with universities. We will shortlist universities based on your academic merit and profile. Many consultancies send students to their partner universities, WE DON'T DO THAT. 

  • Why are you charging service fee where some of the agents offer free services ?
    Many agents may offer you free admission service because they usually have tie-ups with some of 3rd tier universities. They will only send you to those 3rd tier universities, and get their commission from there. Ask them to send you to an IVY League university, and see there reaction. Their opinion is biased. In addition, by going through those agents, you loose your chance of getting scholarships. Because if a university is paying commission to an agent, then it will not offer you a scholarship. Having said that, we will do our best to send you to a school that you deserve based on your profile and NOT a school that pays a commission to us. We care about student. In nutshell, paying a small amount of fee to us may eventually save you thousands of dollars and maybe your career also. Note: Many of our students get fully or partial scholarship or financial aid.
  • Can you guarantee me UG admission in an Ivy League university ? I have all straight A's (perfect GPA) ?
    Having all A's or a perfect GPA will not guarantee you an admit from Ivy League. If so were the case, the majority of applicant would get into Ivy league, as majority of student who apply, they apply with almost GPA. But still they get rejections. The acceptance rate of Ivys is less that 10%, some of them even have less than 5%. All Ivys work on holistic admission basis, which means they look at overall profile of the candidates rather than mere GPA number. They look at extracurricular activities, awards and honors, essays, Letter of recommendations, trends in the GPA, School report and many other factors. GPA is just one component, one factor in the admission decision. So in nut shell, it all depends how is your overall profile. But nevertheless, we can still polish the profile and help you put your best foot forward so that you get into a school that you deserve based on your profile. If it is Ivy worthy, you will get in.
  • I have not taken any standardized tests like IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT etc. Should I enroll with you now, or wait for the tests ?
    We always recommend enrolling before you write any of the standardized tests, that way we can take advantage of the free reports and advise you to send them to the shortlisted universities on test day. This will save some money for you. We may use your mock test scores to assess your performance. In any unfortunate event, if you get a test score that is significantly different from the mock test, which will demand an alteration of the list we provided to you, we will be happy to do that at no cost to you.
  • What is the next step after I purchase an "admission counseling service" online ?
    It depends whether you purchase a "base package" or "value package". Value package is the most popular one and covers the entire end to end application process. Following are the next steps after you make an purchase: Make a purchase online. After the purchase is confirmed, we will send you a online questionnaire to your email id. Fill up the answers to best of your ability. It will help us understand your background. We will review your responses in the questionnaire within 5 business days. Next you will get an invite for 1-to-1 online meeting ( either via zoom, or Gmeets) and we will go from there.
  • What SAT score do you recommend to get admission in a good schools in USA ?
    SAT score is just one component in the admission process. Top schools in USA works on holistic admission policy. So they look at the overall profile of the students. Besides that there are many schools that have waived SAT score or atleast made it optional. So in that case you dont even need a SAT score.
  • Where is your office in India ?
    After the pandemic, we are working 100% remotely. All our services can be availed online.
  • Are your admission counseling services limited to US universities only ?
    Majority of our student go to US universities. However, we can help you get in other countries as well like Canada, UK or Australia. Do drop us an email at to discuss it further before you buy any of our counseling services online. This is only applicable to the admission counseling services. For other services like SoP review, Resume review etc. you can buy directly online.
  • Do you provide services outside India or United States ?
    Yes, we provide our services all over the world. Anyone from any country can avail our services. In the past, we have had clients from India, USA, Italy, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cairo, Nigeria, Dubai, Iran, Croatia, Brazil, and Romania and few other countries and this list is increasing every year.
  • Do I need to really spend so much money on admission counseling ?
    Honestly, if you have time and you know the process, you can do it yourself. There are students who have done it. Coming to the second point, Money: we personally think that working with us will eventually save you money on various fronts. for example, saving money on sending test scores by carefully choosing universities; saving money on college application fee, yes we advise student on application fee waivers as well; and if you are lucky, you could get financial aid and save thousands and thousands of dollars, as we advise students on scholarships as well. So in the end, in most of the cases, you will see by paying a small counseling fee to us you: Saved more money than you paid to us You presented your case best possible way to admission committee.
  • I am a 12th grade student medical (PCB) student. What program do you recommend for me in USA ?
    Currently we are only taking 12th grade students who have taken Math in grade 11 and 12 for USA. We are not taking any PCB student for undergraduate admission in USA.
  • Do you provide additional support for UG applicants in filling up CSS profile and IDOC ?
    Yes, we do. But that is an additional service and you have to pay for that.
  • Do you have any discount going on on admission counseling services ?
    Yes, we have special discount for student who come from following institutes: Indian institute of Technology (IITs) National Institute of Technology, India (NITs) Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Indian institute of Management (IIMs) Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) Dhaka University Delhi University Jwahar Lal University, India (JNU) Mumbai University
  • What are the durations of each services?
    Wherever applicable, duration is mentioned in the description of the services and/or courses.
  • Does the price includes GST and other taxes ?
    Yes. This is the final price, inclusive all taxes.
  • Do you guarantee financial aid to PhD applicants, who take your admission counseling services ?
    The financial aid success rate of students who work with us on their PhD applications is: 98.7% in Science, Engineering, Maths, Management and Economics. So we are very confident, if you belong to one of these subject areas: YES. And if we are unsure about your success in getting financial aid in PhD, we will let you know in advance, or will not take your case.
  • Your services are provided online, can I be assured that the process be smooth ?
    Since 2010, we have been providing counseling services to students from more than 15 countries and we never had any issue or complaint. As per the service description, we provide online 1-to-1 call and we communicate through emails. We care for our reputation and clients testimony.
  • Can you guarantee scholarship ?
    No we can not. however we will guide you best possible way. In the past many of our students ( undergrad, Master's and PhD) have received full ride scholarships.
  • Do you guarantee an admission in a university ?
    We do not guarantee an admission, however 100% of students who worked with us received an average 3-6 admits.
  • Why should I buy your services when everything is available on youtube and other online sources ?
    Yes, there is information out there on youtube and other online platforms but its so scattered that you would spend majority of time absorbing, the time you would otherwise could use to build profile. Secondly, keep in mind there is good information out there as well bad information that could lead you to wrong choices, wrong decisions. Often times its hard to cross verify the authenticity of the information provided online. Therefore its always helpful to trust someone who has gone through the process and have experience of advising thousands of other students. Finally, i would say, if you are tight on budget, it is justifiable to spend hours and hours on google the answers, But if money is not an issue, then you should definitely take help from expert. In many cases, it might save you a year ( many students end up taking a year off as the they were not able to find the right information on time.)
  • Is there any discount offer on SOP services ?
    yes, we do have bulk SOP review discount if you purchase 10 or more SOP reviews.
  • Will you write SOP for me.
    No. we don't write SOP for students. We guide students on how to write their own SOP draft first. Later we review that SOP draft and make necessary corrections and edit that draft. There could be multiple iterations, multiple revisions of the SoP.
  • When should I purchase SOP service ?
    We generally advise students to purchase SOP review before they start application process. However, that is not mandatory. You can purchase this service any time during application process as well. Just be aware, there is a 7 days turn around time. So keep that in mind.
  • How do I know your SOP draft is free from plagiarism ?
    Thats the reason we don't provide you any SoP drafts, rather we work with you to creat you unique draft and refine it according to you and only you.
  • Do I get 1-to-1 zoom call with the counselor ?
    With the standard SOP review service, NO. However, you can book a zoom call separately to discuss and brainstorm on your SOP if you need one. Thats an additional charge.
  • What is the turn around time for SOP review?
    We typically can review your SoP within 7 business days.
  • Who will review my draft SOP
    You draft SoP will be reviewed by Dr. Udai Bhanu.
  • How many LORs will you review ?
    The default price listed on website is for review of 3 LORs. Any additional LOR review would cost you INR 2500/- per LOR.
  • Would you also guide me on the choice of recommenders ?
    yes, we can.
  • Will you write LORs for me ?
    No we don't write LORs for students. We guide them in stead. If you already have a draft, we will review and make necessary changes. If you don't have any draft ready, we will guide you to write first draft and then laster review it and correct it.
  • What is a typical turn around time for LOR review ?
    Typically we take 10 business days for 3 LOR reviews. However, this can be speeded up if there is an urgency.
  • Who will review my LORs ?
    Your LORs will be reviewed by Dr. Udai Bhanu.
  • If I book LOR review, will I have a 1-on-1 tele call or meeting with the reviewer ?
    With the standard LOR review service, NO. However, you can book a zoom call separately to discuss and brainstorm on your LORs if you need one. Thats an additional charge.
  • How many universities will you shortlist for me ?
    The default price quoted on website is for shortlisting 15 universities. If you want us to shortlist more universities, we can do that, but there will be an additional fee for that. Please send us an email at if you have further questions.
  • Is there any discount on Shortlisting University Service ?
    Unfortunately not.
  • How much time would you take to shortlist universities for me ?
    Our standard turn around time is 7 business days. However, if its urgent, we can expedite it as well.
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