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A complete and comprehensive academic, technology and administrative advisory to schools based on our philosophy of "Success mantra" and powered by following services

"Success Mantra"

1. Diagnosis
5. Grow
2. Plan
Success mantra.png
4. Market
3. Invest

This is a comprehensive solution including a technology infrastructure development, academic resources, teaching resources and relevant capacity building initiatives, supplemented by Project Management & Monitoring and Evaluation for all kind of new and existing schools. Our services are aimed at creating/invigotating school infrastructure (digital, physical, academic) and brand building to enhance public prominence of your school.  

Our Services/Area of Operation



We help our clients to envision the future by strategic planning and help them achieve their goals in timely manner


An institute must know itself and its competitors ~ George Dehne


Based on the above philosophy we help our clients run customized campaigns uniquely tailored for them.We help them build a brand and emerge as leader in the education



"A good product might fail because of lack of marketing"


We here at edflight are specialized in various marketing strategies including online/offline, social media and print media marketing

Infrastructure Development

We help our clients at each phase of their infrastructure development. Together we envision state of the art smart campus equipped with latest technology and help them achieve in cost effective manner

Student Counselling.png

Student Career Counselling

There is not better branding campaign than successful student

We at Edflight understand the value of successful student in brand building. Our career expert offer various career services at various level to student 

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