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Udai Bhanu, PhD

Udai sir earned MS and PhD on 100% scholarship from USA. He started Edflight Education to help, guide and mentor students and make them aware of endless opportunities abroad, to help them navigate their study abroad journey, and to put their best foot forward when it comes to applying for admission abroad.

Want to know more about Udai Bhanu..?

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Scientific Publications


Other achievements..

Fastest MS+PhD record in the university

12 years of experience in admission counseling

US green card in scientist category (EB1) - Fastest category

Author of numerous high impact scientific publications

450+ citations as per google scholar 

35+ national & international scientific presentation 

2 publication in highly cited research publication in the world in  2014

Recipient of 100% scholarships in MS and PhD

6000+ students counseled (individual & group counseling )

Our Timeline

We literally started from zero

July 2010










It all started with helping few friend on their admission application

Students count: 3

Word of mouth spread quickly across.

More students asked for guidance.

Student count : 17

Got some traction. I formalized the process and become a in-demand admission counselor.

Student count: 31

First time I touched triple digit count. I had to refuse many students due to lack of resources.

Student count: 109

Founded Edflight Education Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Student count: 253

Started youtube channel: Edflight Education

Student count: 300+

Pandemic Hit

Student count: 190+

Pandemic continued.

Student count: 250+

Unprecedented high number, high interest from students

Student count: 330+

Still counting

Student count: ......


No data yet

Student count: ......

Where have our students gone so far

Cornell University

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